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Health and foreign policy in the UK: The experience since 1997

Briefing 15/11/2005

This paper explores how the international policy agenda has developed in the UK.

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The public-private mix for health

Book 01/03/2005Alan Maynard

This book offers an international perspective on the public-private mix and the future of UK health policy.

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The New EU health policy and the NHS systems

Report 01/02/2005

This paper explains the ways in which the EU is involved in health policy at national level.

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Fads in medical care management and policy

Report 01/10/2004Professor Theodore Marmor

This report examines what is in fashion managerially and in contemporary policy debates about health and health care.

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Identity and ideology

Report 01/10/2002Stephen Davies

A comparative study of academic health centres in the USA and the UK.

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Genetics and health policy: issues for genetic science and their implications for health and health services

Report 01/03/2000Ron Zimmern | Christopher Cook

The Nuffield Trust Genetics Scenario Project explores the potential impact of genetic science on health and health services and its implications for society.

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Policy futures for UK health: 2000 report

Report 01/02/2000Pam Garside | Charlotte Dargie | Sandra Dawson

This report describes trends and issues towards 2015 for both population health and health care in the UK.

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Ethics: Reconciling conflicting values in health policy

Briefing 01/12/1999

This paper addresses a need that the Policy Futures for UK Health project identified for ethical debate alongside all the complex developments that are usually highlighted in futures analyses of health.

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Pathfinder Technical Series 1999 No. 1 – 10

Briefing 01/12/1999

In keeping with its tradition and reflecting the more complex issues in health and health care policy today, the Nuffield Trust established a Policy and Evaluation Advisory Group (PEAG), supported by the appointment of a Nuffield Trust Fellow at the Judge Institute of Management Studies at the Unive...

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Demography: Analysing trends and policy issues in births, deaths and diseases in the UK population in 2015

Briefing 01/12/1999

This paper highlights how general improvements in the health of the UK population hide worrying inequalities.

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