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The physical environment: A review of trends in the natural and built environment

Briefing 01/12/1999

This paper reflects the increasing realisation that health and the environment are inextricably linked.

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Public Expectations: From paternalism to partnership: changing relationships in health and health services

Briefing 01/12/1999

This paper addresses the rising public expectations that are driving health debates in the UK.

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A model for health: Innovation and the future of health services

Report 01/11/1999Michael Peckham

This report offers a first hand account of the design and introduction of a unique resource into health care.

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The contribution of global health policy to the control of emerging infectious diseases: Implications for the UK

Report 01/01/1999Stephen Palmer

A review of the factors which lead to the emergence of infectious disease.

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Hurdles and Levers: A comparative US-UK study of guidelines

Book 01/11/1998Patricia Day | Rudolph Klein | Frances Miller

This study examines how best to promote change in clinical practice and persuade doctors to use resources more efficiently.

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Devolution and health: Nuffield Trust Series No.3

Book 01/11/1998Robert Hazell | Paul Jervis

This book explores to what extent we can still talk of the NHS once it is run by three or four different governments within the UK.

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