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Chart of the week: How has the risk of acquiring Covid-19 in hospital changed in the last year?

Data story 13/08/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. Back in November, Sarah Scobie revealed the rise in the proportion of patients in hospital who had acquired Covid-19 after being admitted. This week she revisits the topic to see if things have c...

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Quality and performance

Spotlight 11/05/2021

Monitoring how the quality of health and social care is changing over time can tell us how well the NHS is performing. This spotlight collects together some of our most popular charts looking at how the pandemic and other factors may be affecting care.

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Outcomes of hospital admissions among frail older people: a 2-year cohort study

Journal article 15/07/2019

Study to determine long-term outcomes of older people discharged from hospital following short (

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Rural health care: A rapid review of the impact of rurality on the costs of delivering health care

Report 20/01/2019Billy Palmer | John Appleby | Jonathan Spencer

It is generally acknowledged that small, rural NHS health care providers face higher costs than larger, urban areas. For a number of years the NHS has adjusted financial allocations to account for these unavoidable variations in costs in different parts of the country. However, our review for the Na...

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In safe hands? The need to know more about safety in health care

Blog post 07/12/2018Sarah Scobie

Ensuring care is safe and harm-free remains high on the policy agenda, and rightly so. But are we measuring and monitoring safety appropriately, and what steps could be taken to improve it in the long run? Sarah Scobie argues for a shift in our understanding.

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Mental ill health and hospital use: what we’ve learned - infographic

Page QualityWatch 21/10/2018

Infographic: We analysed 100 million hospital episodes per year over five years to explore disparities in hospital use for physical healthcare.

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Acute medical care in England: Findings from a survey of smaller acute hospitals

Summary 13/09/2018Candace Imison | Louella Vaughan

This profile of smaller hospitals in England finds trusts struggling to recruit and retain acute medical staff. Services across the country are configured in a wide variety of ways, with little evidence of an 'ideal' model for acute medical care emerging from our research.

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Comprehensive geriatric assessment: needs assessment tool

Research 06/09/2018Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Eilís Keeble | Joshua Kraindler

The Nuffield Trust has developed a tool to help providers and commissioners of care in England assess the needs of frail older people being cared for in hospital.

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The NHS at 70

Spotlight 02/07/2018

The NHS's 70th birthday has been accompanied by unprecedented levels of debate over the best ways of running the health care system. Here we collect together the work we have been doing to contribute evidence, analysis and our expert opinion to the discussions taking place.

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The NHS at 70: Does the NHS need more money and how could we pay for it?

Report 26/06/2018George Stoye

To mark the BBC's coverage of the NHS's 70th birthday in July 2018, researchers from the Health Foundation, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, The King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust have joined forces for the first time, using combined expertise to shed light on some of the big questions on the NHS...

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