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Winter hospital bed pressures

Report 16/12/2016John Appleby

Kicking off a new data series on winter pressures, John Appleby presents the findings of a new analysis of bed occupancy levels from NHS England situation reports for last winter. The analysis suggests that the NHS could be on track for a very difficult winter this year.

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Focus on: People with mental ill health and hospital use

Report 14/10/2015Holly Smith (Dorning) | Dr Alisha Davies | Ian Blunt

Research about how the quality of physical health care affects people with mental ill health.

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Is care becoming safer?

Blog post 27/08/2014Ben Gershlick

The proportion of patients being harmed has fallen and this is cause for celebration, but we need a range of robust measures to keep rates of harm low.

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Improving productive efficiency in hospitals: findings from a review of the international evidence

Journal article 07/08/2014

This paper provides an overview of the international evidence on how to improve productive efficiency in secondary care settings.

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The future of the hospital

Conference/seminar 09/06/2014 • 09.30–16.30

This major one-day event provided a forum for health care experts to explore the future of the hospital in a time of NHS spending constraints.

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Mike Richards: Changing the way we inspect & rate hospitals

Video 04/11/2013

In this video interview, Professor Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Care Quality Commission (CQC), describes the key questions they will be asking as a result of changes to the way …

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Commentary: Nudging hospitals to better quality

Journal article 07/06/2013

With all developed countries searching hard to eke more value out of the money spent on health care, this article looks at the way that health care is paid for.

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David Hamer: Improving hospital services with lean thinking

Video 17/10/2012

In this video interview, David Hamer, Professional Lead for Laboratory Medicine, Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and National Clinical Lead for Service Improvement (Blood Sciences), NHS …

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Can NHS hospitals do more with less?

Report 12/01/2012Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE | Jeremy Hurst | Professor Judith Smith | Sally Williams

As the NHS attempts to secure unprecedented productivity gains, new research based on UK and international experience suggests how hospitals can improve efficiency.

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The role of matched controls in building an evidence base for hospital avoidance schemes: a retrospective evaluation

Journal article 06/01/2012

This paper presents the findings from a study to test whether two hospital-avoidance interventions altered rates of hospital use.

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