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Mental health and well-being trends among children and young people in the UK, 1995–2014

Journal article 11/09/2018

Analysis of repeated cross-sectional national health surveys on mental health and wellbeing.

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Striking increase in mental health conditions in children and young people

Press release 11/09/2018

Academics at University College London, Imperial College London, University of Exeter and the Nuffield Trust have found that the proportion of children and young people saying they have a mental health condition has grown six fold in England over two decades.

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International comparisons of healthcare quality

Indicator update 31/07/2018Jessica Morris

International comparisons of the performance of health systems can be a powerful tool. As well as highlighting areas for quality improvement, they enable us to answer some big questions in health care.

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Improving young people’s mental health care

Blog post 03/07/2017Dr Rakhee Shah

Young people’s use of emergency care for mental health could be reduced by working better with the voluntary sector.

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Emergency care for children and young people: what needs to change?

Blog post 26/06/2017Lucia Kossarova

Reflections on a roundtable event exploring issues raised in our report on children and young people.

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A 'catch 22' for mental health patients’ physical care

Blog post 17/02/2017Dr Vivek Srivastava

The co-author of the latest NCEPOD report, looks at some of the problems hospitals face in providing care for patients with mental ill-health.

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Indicator update summary: November 2016 - January 2017

Indicator update 26/01/2017Robert Reed

Indicators we've updated over the last few months.

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Will evidence help close the disability employment gap?

Blog post 05/01/2017Rob Greig

Poor data and failure to apply evidence to policy are maintaining low employment for some disabled people.

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NHS vulnerable to serious lapses in care even as care quality improves in some areas, report warns

Press release 08/12/2016

Ongoing pressures risk making the health service more vulnerable to serious lapses in care.

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How can we improve access to children’s mental health services?

Blog post 05/12/2016Lucia Kossarova

Lucia Kossarova examines what can be done to address the worrying barriers to mental health services for children and young people.

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