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Predictive risk and health care: an overview

Summary 01/03/2011Theo Georghiou | Dr Adam Steventon | Professor John Billings | Ian Blunt | Dr Geraint Lewis | Dr Martin Bardsley

This research summary explores how predictive risk adjustment tools are currently being used in the NHS and identifies some of the challenges involved in applying the techniques in practice.

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Predicting social care costs: a feasibility study

Report 24/02/2011Dr Martin Bardsley | Professor John Billings | Ludovic Jean Chassin | Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE | Elizabeth Eastmure | Theo Georghiou | Dr Geraint Lewis | Rhema Vaithianathan | Dr Adam Steventon

This report presents the findings of research into whether predictive risk models could be used in social care to predict an individual person’s future need for intensive social care.

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Predicting who will use intensive social care: case finding tools based on linked health and social care data

Journal article 20/01/2011

This paper considers whether predictive risk models can be built that use routine health and social care data to predict which older people will begin receiving intensive social care.

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Four nations predictive risk summit

Conference/seminar 14/01/2010 • 09.30–17.30Dr Adam Steventon | Dr Geraint Lewis | Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE | Natasha Curry | Professor John Billings | Theo Georghiou

This one-day summit encouraged collaboration between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in the four home nations with respect to predictive risk modelling.

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