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New century, new hospital

Blog post 30/09/2013Andy McKeon

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Securing the future of general practice: new models of primary care

Report 18/07/2013Professor Judith Smith | Holly Holder | Nigel Edwards | Jo Maybin | Helen Parker | Dr Rebecca Rosen | Nicola Walsh

This report examines the new GP organisations forming to allow care provision at greater scale.

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Back to first principles: primary care for the future

Blog post 18/07/2013Professor Judith Smith

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The future of general practice is already here, but it remains unevenly distributed

Press release 18/07/2013

Changing health needs are prompting a number of GPs to build organisations capable of preserving the personal, local nature of general practice.

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Keeping our NHS fit for the future

Blog post 25/06/2013Dr Phillip Lee MP

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Rebecca Rosen: Developing new models of primary care

Video 19/06/2013

In this video, Dr Rebecca Rosen, Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust, explores the challenges faced when developing new primary care models and the role the models will play in the future delivery of …

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Transforming general practice: building GP networks

Conference/seminar 19/06/2013 • 08.00–10.00Dr Simon Brownleader | John Macaskill-Smith

This roundtable discussion focused on general practice networks and their potential role in the future delivery of health services.

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First year evaluation of the Inner North West London Integrated Care Pilot published

Press release 17/05/2013

Today the Nuffield Trust and Imperial College London published an evaluation of the first year of the Inner North West London Integrated Care Pilot.

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Transforming general practice: unlocking the potential

Conference/seminar 15/05/2013 • 10.30–16.00David Pannell | Dr Arvind Madan | Dr John Ribchester | Dr Naresh Rati | John Macaskill-Smith

This seminar examined models of general practice that are emerging nationally.

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Primary care for the 21st century: learning from New Zealand's independent practitioner associations

Report 26/09/2012Ruth Thorlby | Professor Judith Smith | Pauline Barnett | Professor Nicholas Mays

This report offers insights from the experience of organised general practice in New Zealand.

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