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What has been happening to NHS productivity?

Blog post 23/10/2013Professor Andrew Street

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The paradox of scale and localness in commissioning

Blog post 17/10/2013Dr Rebecca Rosen

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Competition – an incentive for GPs?

Blog post 24/09/2013Matthew Bell

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CCGs: the current view from local GPs

Blog post 22/07/2013Holly Holder

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Back to first principles: primary care for the future

Blog post 18/07/2013Professor Judith Smith

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NHS @ 65: the NHS cannot do it alone

Blog post 12/07/2013Jeremy Taylor

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NHS @ 65: views of patients must be heard

Blog post 03/07/2013Professor Dame Carol Black

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Act now or repent at leisure

Blog post 27/06/2013Anita Charlesworth

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Fiscal sustainability and health care in the United Kingdom

Journal article 11/06/2013

Nuffield Trust Chief Economist Anita Charlesworth examines productivity and the long term fiscal sustainability of health care in the UK in light of tighter controls on public health spending. She also looks at the impact of the current global economic crisis on the stability of UK health care in th...

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