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QualityWatch public health and prevention report published

Press release 28/04/2016

The QualityWatch programme today publishes its latest report, Focus on: Public Health and Prevention.

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Will the Spending Review exacerbate health inequalities?

Blog post 02/12/2015Dr Tazeem Bhatia

Tazeem Bhatia examines how universal credit changes and cuts to public spending announced in the Spending Review are likely to have a detrimental impact on health inequalities.

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Can the Devolution Bill revolutionise population health?

Blog post 20/11/2015Dr Alisha Davies

As the Devolution Bill gains traction in parliament, Alisha Davies examines whether it presents a 'golden opportunity' for population health, or just a big distraction.

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What will be the real cost of poor NHS staff wellbeing?

Blog post 05/10/2015Dr Tazeem Bhatia

If the NHS wants to become a ‘well-being service’, and not a ‘sickness service’, what better place to start than its own staff?

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£200m cuts to public health: the situation is getting serious

Blog post 16/06/2015Dr Alisha Davies

Dr Alisha Davies examines why the recent announcement from the Treasury of £200m in cuts to non-NHS funding has provoked serious cause for concern among public health organisations.

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Can the NHS help tackle the UK’s obesity epidemic?

Blog post 20/03/2015Dr Alisha Davies | Dr Tazeem Bhatia

“Obesity is the new smoking”, said Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England. Is he right? And if so, can the NHS help work towards solutions, or only tackle the associated health need?

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The health of our children, the health of the NHS

Blog post 29/01/2015Claire Currie | Dr Alisha Davies

Claire Currie and Alisha Davies put forward the case for state intervention in the often ignored issue of children's health.

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Festive cheer? Alcohol and the NHS

Blog post 18/12/2014Claire Currie

During Christmas party season the effects of excessive alcohol consumption may cause headaches, and not just for those who overindulge. Our health and public services will also suffer.

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Prevention is better than a cure

Blog post 15/12/2014Dr Alisha Davies

Dr Alisha Davies argues the NHS cannot afford not to focus on prevention given the current challenges in health care.

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Openness should be in the DNA of every hospital

Blog post 06/02/2014Robert Francis QC

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