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£4 billion needed next year to stop NHS care deteriorating

Press release 08/11/2017

New analysis in a briefing from the Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund and the Health Foundation shows that current spending plans fall well short of what the NHS needs based on an assessment of the Office of Budget Responsibility.

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The Autumn Budget: joint statement on health and social care

Report 08/11/2017Nuffield Trust | The Health Foundation | The King's Fund

Nuffield Trust, the Health Foundation and The King’s Fund are urging the government to address the critical state of health and social care in its forthcoming Autumn Budget.

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Preparing for the unpredictable

Blog post 07/11/2017Mark Dayan

With his new briefing looking at the prospects of exit and trade deals with the EU, Mark Dayan runs through what it might all mean for different parts of the health service.

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Nuffield Trust comments on 'AirBnB'-style scheme for patients on leaving hospital

Press release 26/10/2017

Nigel Edwards spoke to the BBC about the scheme to place patients leaving hospital in 'AirBnB'-style rooms.

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Parliamentary Briefing for Queen’s Speech Debate

Briefing 28/06/2017

Polling shows that health is seen by the public as one of the most important issues facing the United Kingdom. Ahead of the Queen’s Speech health debates this briefing looks at the facts and issues which will confront the 2017 Parliament.

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Indicator update summary: NHS and social care workforce

Indicator update 26/05/2017Robert Reed

A round-up of our latest indicator updates.

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Let’s talk about eligibility

Blog post 26/05/2017Holly Holder

Social care is a key issue during this election but who is eligible for state support? Holly Holder speaks to John, an MS sufferer who relies on an informal carer because he no longer qualifies for council support.

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Response to Theresa May's announcement of a cap on social care costs

Press release 22/05/2017

Nigel Edwards comments on the Conservatives' announcement that a Conservative government would include a cap on care costs in a social care green paper.

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Our response to the Conservative manifesto

Press release 18/05/2017

The pledge of a further £8 billion by 2022/23 does not get us to a long term funding settlement to support the principles of a comprehensive National Health Service.

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How hospitals can collaborate with social care

Blog post 20/04/2017Holly Holder

Holly Holder reports back from our recent event on managing the interface between hospitals and social care.

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