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Attracting, supporting and retaining a diverse NHS workforce

Report 08/11/2021Nina Hemmings | Helen Buckingham | Camille Oung | Billy Palmer

The vital work of the NHS would be impossible without the contribution of a broad range of people, and a diverse and inclusive workforce ensures better care for patients. Yet despite considerable efforts and initiatives, it is clear that issues such as discrimination and harassment are present at ev...

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Overseas nurse recruitment and the NHS

Report 04/10/2021Billy Palmer | Claudia Leone | John Appleby

The recruitment of nurses from overseas is vital for securing the staff we need in order to meet ambitious national goals to expand the workforce - but what are the benefits and costs? This major new research commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement explores the business case for overseas rec...

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The NHS needs to ensure better working conditions and opportunities for the neglected clinical support workforce

Press release 20/08/2021

Access to high quality mental health services could be put at risk if the experiences of clinical support staff working in these services continue to be overlooked.

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Untapped? Understanding the mental health clinical support workforce

Report 20/08/2021Billy Palmer | Lucina Rolewicz | Nina Hemmings | John Appleby

NHS clinical support staff are particularly important to mental health services and while they usually deliver the bulk of hands-on care, they are often undervalued. This report examines the profile of mental health clinical support staff and discusses how issues around recruitment and retention can...

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The right track: Participation and progression in psychology career paths

Report 08/07/2021Billy Palmer | Laura Schlepper | Nina Hemmings | Nadia Crellin

Despite psychology being a popular subject to study at degree level, staffing mental health services remains hugely challenging. With ambitions to grow the numbers of psychologists and psychotherapists by 2023/24, this report looks at the size and make up of the workforce of those with a background...

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Joint letter on the health and social care workforce

News and opinion 14/04/2021

The Nuffield Trust, Health Foundation and King’s Fund have come together to suggest a clause to be added to the NHS Bill putting in place independent projections of how many health and social care staff will be in place in the future, and how many will be needed.

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Staff pay in the NHS

Spotlight 15/06/2020

The NHS is one of the largest employers in the country with around 1.5 million members of staff, but how do different groups fare in terms of pay? Here we collect our latest analysis in this area.

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One in four hospital staff born outside the UK, new Nuffield Trust analysis reveals

Press release 04/12/2019

New figures reveal the true effect immigration has had on the expansion of the health and care workforce over the last 20 years.

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Social care: the action we need

Report 28/11/2019Natasha Curry | Nina Hemmings | Camille Oung | Eilís Keeble

Social care in England is at a crossroads. All three major political parties in the 2019 general election have recognised in their manifestos that the social care system is in need of change. So what needs to be done?

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Up to 90,000 social care workers needed immediately to meet manifesto pledges

Press release 28/11/2019

New analysis by the Nuffield Trust reveals that up to 90,000 home care workers for the over 65s are needed immediately if the main parties' manifesto pledges to expand and reform social care are to be met.

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