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What can England learn from the long-term care system in Japan?

Report 09/05/2018Natasha Curry | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Nina Hemmings

In anticipation of the green paper this summer, what lessons can be drawn from a country that has demonstrated it is possible to achieve fundamental social care reform despite formidable demographic, economic and social pressures?

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Managing the hospital and social care interface: interventions targeting older adults

Report 27/03/2018Holly Holder | Stephanie Kumpunen | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Silvia Lombardo

Given the national policy drive for better integrated care across sectors, what examples already exist of individual hospitals and social care providers working together to reduce delayed transfers of care, length of hospital stay and admissions for older people - and how successful are they?

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Battling past depression: a mental health director’s story

Blog post 01/03/2018Mandy Stevens

Despite her expertise as an experienced mental health nurse and director, Mandy Stevens didn’t see her own depression coming. Mandy, who is speaking this week at our health policy summit, describes her story and the importance of talking about mental illness.

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Public satisfaction with the NHS and social care in 2017: Results and trends from the British Social Attitudes survey

Report 28/02/2018Ruth Robertson | John Appleby | Harry Evans

Nuffield Trust and The King's Fund present results and analysis from the annual British Social Attitudes survey. This year's results show a sharp, alarming drop in public satisfaction with the NHS.

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Sharp drop in public satisfaction with the NHS, new analysis shows

Press release 28/02/2018

The Nuffield Trust and The King's Fund say the results reflect the public’s growing anxieties over the funding and staffing of the NHS.

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Addressing staff burnout: a moral and ethical imperative

Blog post 26/01/2018Candace Imison

With NHS winter pressures in the headlines but their impact on staff perhaps falling under the radar, Candace Imison looks at what causes burnout and what impact it has, while suggesting what can be done now to help ensure a healthy and productive workforce.

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Primary care: workforce pressures

Blog post 19/12/2017Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard

Helen Stokes-Lampard writes about sustaining and improving quality in general practice in the light of increased pressures on the primary care workforce over the last decade.

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The mixed fortunes of nursing numbers

Blog post 15/12/2017Fiona Johnson

There are more hospital nurses in post than in 2010, yet there are shortages of nurses wherever you look. Each nursing specialty has its problems, but they are not all the same, as Fiona Johnson investigates.

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England’s new workforce strategy ignores the elephant in the room

Blog post 15/12/2017Candace Imison

The workforce strategy consultation lays bare the scale of the current crisis in health care services. Its plans are admirable, but it fails to address the core reasons for the NHS's predicament, argues Candace Imison.

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Preparing for Brexit: social care

Blog post 23/11/2017Professor Martin Green

The Nuffield Trust has invited leaders from across health and social care in the UK to share what they are doing to prepare for Brexit. In the first in the series, Martin Green of Care England gives a view from social care.

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