Brexit and the NHS

Big changes lie ahead for the UK following its vote to leave the EU. No part of society will remain unchanged, including the health and social care sector. Below is a collection of resources about how Brexit might impact the NHS.


Published: 18/01/2017

The path to Brexit

29/03/2017Mark Dayan


Article 50 has been triggered, so what happens now? Mark Dayan sets ou...

Britannia’s rules are vague: health care regulation after...

09/02/2017Mark Dayan


Mark Dayan examines the uncertain future for NHS regulations after Bre...

Brexit and health and social care



The Nuffield Trust submission to the Health Select Committee Inquiry i...

Why Brexit is bad for our health

01/02/2017Professor Tamara Hervey


Professor Tamara Hervey, professor of EU law, explains why in her view...

Brexit means... an uncertain future for the NHS?

12/01/2017Nigel Edwards


As 2017 gets into full swing, the attention of politicians is likely t...

EHICcups on the road to Brexit

17/01/2017Mark Dayan


The UK's membership within the EU includes schemes that provide free o...

The facts: EU immigration and pressure on the NHS



Mark Dayan collaborated with FullFact to examine the impact of EU immigration on the NHS.

Fact Check: migration and NHS staff



Ahead of the EU Referendum, Mark Dayan examines the data on immigration and hypothesises on the potential impact of Brexit on the NHS workforce.

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