Clinical commissioning

This joint project by the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund aims to understand the development of Clinical Commissioning Groups and to support them by spreading good practice and learning.


Published: 01/04/2014

Clinical commissioning: GPs in charge?

06/07/2016Ruth Robertson | Holly Holder | Shilpa Ross | Chris Naylor | Sílvia Machaqueiro


What progress have clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) made in implementing their clinically led model and what more needs to be done?

ISBN: 978 1 909029 64 4

Has clinical commissioning found its voice? GP perspectives...

04/04/2016Holly Holder | Ruth Robertson | Chris Naylor | Shilpa Ross | Sílvia Machaqueiro


This slide deck presents the final year of results from an annual surv...

Primary care co-commissioning: a survey of members’ views...

01/04/2015Ruth Robertson | Holly Holder | Natasha Curry | Shilpa Ross | Chris Naylor


This slide deck presents the third year of results from an annual surv...

Risk or reward? The changing role of CCGs in general practic...

26/01/2015Holly Holder | Natasha Curry | Ruth Robertson | Shilpa Ross


A report from the Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund on clinical com...

ISBN: 1-978-905030-91-0

Cornerstone of NHS reforms faces uncertain future


Press release

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have secured better engagement from GPs than previous forms of commissioning but still face numerous barriers to putting power in doctors’ hands, according to a new report published by The King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust.

Why some GPs are growing “weary” with commissioning

05/04/2016Holly Holder


Holly Holder unpacks the Nuffield Trust and The King's Fund's latest r...

Will co-commissioning deliver on its promises?

01/04/2015Holly Holder


As NHS England and CCGs launch primary co-commissioning, Holly Holder...

Level up: new responsibilities for CCGs

23/01/2015Dr Rebecca Rosen


As Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)approach their second birthday...

CCGs: the current view from local GPs

22/07/2013Holly Holder