End of life care

The quality of end of life care is important to patients, their friends and their relatives. About half a million people in the UK die each year, but there are major gaps in our understanding of what services are appropriate, and concerns that too often people are dying in hospital when they would rather be at home. We carried out a number of projects examining end of life care.


Published: 14/11/2012

Exploring the cost of care at the end of life

26/09/2014Dr Martin Bardsley | Theo Georghiou


We estimate hospital and non-hospital costs for people in the last 90 days of life.

The impact of the Marie Curie Nursing Service on place of de...

14/11/2012Adam Steventon | Dr Martin Bardsley | Theo Georghiou | Xavier Chitnis


This study examines whether the home-based nursing service provided by Marie Curie Cancer Care helps more people to die at home, and reduces hospital use and costs at the end of life.

Understanding patterns of health and social care at the end...

16/10/2012Dr Alisha Davies | Dr Martin Bardsley | Sian Davies | Theo Georghiou


This report details the key findings from a study of over 73,000 peopl...

Study of 29,000 patients shows that home nursing improves ca...


Press release

A new study of 29,000 patients shows that home nursing improves care at the end of life, making it possible for more people to die at home while reducing emergency visits to hospital.