Hospital winter pressures

Winter is often a challenging time for the NHS. How big a challenge, though? And what are the causes? We examine the issue in great depth and see what can be done to help improve the situation.


Published: 15/12/2016

Winter Insight: NHS 111



An analysis of how NHS 111 has fared especially over the winter period. It finds that the service seems to steer people away from emergency services though there is great variability across England. In some areas NHS 111 is likely too risk averse as it is connecting more people to the ambulance service than sending people to AE – which is the reverse of the usual pattern of NHS use.

NHS 111 sending increasing number of callers to A&E and ambu...


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Numbers of NHS 111 callers sent to emergency services vary significant...

What's behind delayed transfers of care?



Nigel Edwards explores what the data tells us about delayed transfers of care and busts some myths about how to prevent them.

Our response to NHS performance statistics for December 2016


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Nuffield Trust Chief Economist and Director of Research John Appleby r...

Why extending GP hours won’t solve the A&E crisis

16/01/2017Dr Rebecca Rosen


Dr Rebecca Rosen examines why extending GP opening hours might actually worsen the winter crisis currently facing AE.

Black alert? Or many shades of OPEL

06/01/2017Nigel Edwards


Nigel Edwards unpacks our new analysis on OPELs a new system designed to help the NHS better understand winter pressures. Latest OPEL figures reveal a third of hospitals in December issued serious alerts about their ability to meet patient pressures.

Winter hospital bed pressures



Kicking off a new data series on winter presssures John Appleby presents the findings of a new analysis of bed occupancy levels from NHS England situation reports for last winter. The analysis suggests that the NHS could be on track for a very difficult winter this year.

Lessons from last year's A&E winter crisis



As winter fast approaches Sasha Karakusevic and Mark Dayan take a closer look at where the 700 million was spent sorting out last year's winter pressures in the AE. Although much of that money was put into additional hospital beds and staff they argue for a more strategic approach this year giv...

Winter pressures: what's going on behind the scenes?

11/02/2016Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Holly Dorning


In this latest analysis from QualityWatch we track AE performance acr...

Nuffield Trust response to the Health Select Committee repor...


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Nigel Edwards comments on the latest report from the Health Select Com...

NHS will struggle to cope this winter, new analysis finds


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Just 3.6 per cent of patients took up over a third of all bed capacity...