Covid-19 recovery

The pandemic has caused serious disruption to nearly all health and care services in a system that was already running under significant strain. Here we collect our relevant work on how services can recover and progress so far.


Published: 04/05/2022

Digital services, AI and health and social care recovery | Rapid Evaluation Conference 2022 07/03/2022


What is the role of digital services and AI in health and social care, to help speed up the recovery? This session explores the role th...

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How is evaluation helping inform the recovery? | Rapid Evaluation Conference 2022 07/03/2022


This session explores recent and practical examples of evaluations that are helping inform NHS recovery, including discussion of different e...

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Health & social care explained 20/12/2016


Find our Spotlights on the top issues facing the health and social care system in the UK.

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