NHS Wales

The performance of the Labour-led NHS in Wales has been a highly politicised subject in recent years. This spotlight brings together a collection of our analysis on the Welsh health service's performance and funding.


Published: 30/01/2015

Health care and the Welsh elections 22/04/2016


The Welsh NHS is at the centre of the campaign for next month’s Assembly elections. But which of the country’s political parties is right about how it is doing? Who has the answers? And what don’t they dare to ask?

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The challenge of change in the NHS in Wales 30/01/2015


Nigel Edwards examines the performance of the Labour-led Welsh NHS, how it compares to the English system, and why the political blame game does little to help patients.

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A decade of austerity in Wales? The funding pressures facing the NHS in Wales to 2025/26 17/06/2014Adam Roberts | Anita Charlesworth


This report explores rising cost pressures on the NHS in Wales, and options for reducing the funding gap.

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