The NHS is struggling to maintain the large and diverse body of qualified staff required to deliver its services effectively. Without radical change, the health service's additional funding may fail to achieve the improvements the money promises. This spotlight brings together our work on understanding and addressing these challenges.


Published: 28/09/2017

The gender pay gap in the NHS 16/02/2018

Comment series

As data on the gender pay gap in the UK becomes available, the Nuffield Trust has been conducting detailed analysis to work out where the NH...

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Staffing shortfall of almost 250,000 by 2030 is major risk to NHS Long Term Plan, experts warn 15/11/2018

Press release

Critical and lasting shortages in the healthcare workforce mean that the forthcoming NHS Long Term Plan risks becoming an unachievable ‘wish list’ of initiatives to improve the health service.

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Offer £5,200 grants to nursing students and ramp up overseas recruitment to stop NHS workforce crisis 21/03/2019

Press release

In a new report, experts from the Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund and the Health Foundation propose a set of urgent measures to prevent th...

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Reshaping the workforce to deliver the care patients need 17/05/2016Candace Imison | Sophie Castle-Clarke | Dr Robert Watson


This research report argues that there is an urgent need to rethink the nature of the NHS workforce if new care models are to succeed in mee...

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ISBN: 978-1-910953-11-2

The NHS needs to ensure better working conditions and opportunities for the neglected clinical support workforce 20/08/2021

Press release

Access to high quality mental health services could be put at risk if the experiences of clinical support staff working in these services co...

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Health & social care explained 20/12/2016


An entry point into the many facets of the health and social care system in the UK.

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