We provide research, analysis and expert commentary on a whole range of issues right across health and social care, and we also hold events and workshops to discuss vital issues in the policy and political sphere. Find out more about our different areas of work here.

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We're a leading centre of health and care policy research and analysis. We seek to be respected and highly regarded by our main audiences; to remain separate from but expert in the NHS and social care; and above all to use our independence, highly skilled staff and unique position to be a force for good in improving the health and social care of the UK population.

We focus our activities across the following 10 key intersecting areas.

The productivity paradox

The puzzle of why the NHS is delivering little more activity despite receiving significantly more money and employing many more staff is a critical policy question – but the debate is stuck, instead becoming shrill and defensive. Nuffield Trust's CEO Thea Stein outlines why this is and where we need to be. Session at Nuffield Trust Summit, 7 March 2024. 

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