Deteriorating performance against headline response time targets

Currently the ambulance service in England has three main response time targets based on the urgency of the calls received. Nationally across all these targets has deteriorated markedly over the last few years.


Published: 07/04/2017

The latest results for January this year show that just 67 per cent of Red 1 and 58 per cent of Red 2 calls received a response within eight minutes – significantly missing the target of 75 per cent. And of the 233,472 Category A calls received in January this year, at least 95 per cent should have had a response within 19 minutes. But in fact 29,000 calls did not receive a response within 19 minutes, meaning only 88 per cent of responses met the standard.


  • Numbers in boxes are percentage of calls dealt with within the defined targets for Red 1 (>75% within 8 minutes), Red 2 (>75% within 8 minutes) and Category A (Red 1 + Red 2) within 19 minutes.
  • Colours indicate a target hit (light blue) or missed (red).