Our features showcase some of our most unique and interactive content – from data dashboards and clear-to-read explainers to scrolling stories and detailed histories that delve into a variety of specialist areas of health and care.

Trackers, dashboards and surveys

Regularly updated monitoring and analysis of key aspects of the health and care system.

NHS staffing tracker

In order to monitor developments in staff numbers and commitments made to the NHS workforce, this NHS staffing tracker aims to provide transparency on progress against ambitions regarding the number of GPs, mental health staff, and nurse vacancies.

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Health and care finances tracker

Ahead of a general election where funding for the NHS and social care will be a crucial issue for our country, the Nuffield Trust has launched a new finances tracker which provides and explains the key numbers you need to understand.

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NHS performance summary

Our monthly-updated analysis of the NHS's performance against access and waiting times targets.

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British Social Attitudes surveys

The Nuffield Trust and The King’s Fund analyse the British Social Attitudes survey's health and care questions every year. The survey is a gold standard measurement of public satisfaction and provides vital understanding of the issues that matter to people most.

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The history of the NHS

The National Health Service began on 5 July 1948. The NHS, which Aneurin Bevan described as “a great and novel undertaking” is now 75 years old. As people with clear memories of the early days grow fewer, it's important to be able to understand the path this integral institution has taken to become what we know it as today.

NHS History Book

The NHS history book

This online book traces the story of the NHS, recounting how it was set up, what happened next, and why. It was written by Geoffrey Rivett, and the resource is now maintained and updated by the Nuffield Trust.

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NHS reform timeline

This interactive timeline brings 70 years of reform and change in the National Health Service to life, charting the evolution of this public institution from its inception in the post-war years through to the present day.

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Health and social care explained

A selection of explainers designed as a jumping-off point into the many facets of the health and social care system in the UK.

NHS workforce in numbers

Get the facts on the NHS workforce: how big it is, the different staff it is composed of, and where gaps and problems are emerging.

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The long goodbye? Exploring rates of staff leaving the NHS and social care

The number of staff now exiting these services is on the rise. And the situation could get worse. This explainer takes stock of what is known and not known about the numbers of staff leaving, and the reasons given for moving on.

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Junior doctor strikes: facts and figures on UK doctors in training

A summary of key facts and statistics to help understand the junior doctor strike action.

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Nursing strikes: facts and figures on UK nursing staff

A summary of key facts and statistics to help understand the nursing strikes.

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The state of community health services in England

What are community services? Who uses, provides and pays for them? And what challenges do they face.

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End of life care explained: what is it, how is it provided, and what are the challenges?

When the time comes, everyone will need care at the end of life. What is it that people want and what is available and what needs to be done to improve the quality of care, and to make sure it is accessible to all.

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