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Annual statements

Each year we publish an annual statement commenting on the current state of care in the NHS in England, drawing on information from our extensive range of care quality indicators and findings from other organisations.
Growing problems: What has been the impact of Covid-19 on health care for children and young people in England?

Annual Statement


This scrolling data story explores the dramatic and concerning effect of the pandemic on children and young people's health, and the care they receive.

The remote care revolution during Covid-19

Annual Statement


This scrolling data story analyses the rapid adoption, during the pandemic, of digital technology for delivering NHS care.

Quality and inequality

Annual Statement


This scrolling data story takes a closer look at the association between deprivation in the area that a patient lives and quality of care.

Are patients benefitting from better integrated care?

Annual Statement


This scrolling story breaks down a range of indicators to see whether there is evidence that integrated care is actually happening in a way that benefits patients.

2017: Quality in austerity

Annual Statement

18/12/2017 QualityWatch

As QualityWatch marks its fifth year, we present a series of blogs, including new analysis of key trends and turning points in quality data since 2009, and expert views on aspects of care quality over the last decade.

2016: Quality at a cost

Annual Statement

08/12/2016 Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Lucia Kossarova | Eilís Keeble | Holly Smith (Dorning) | Nora Cooke O'Dowd

Quality at a cost is the fourth annual statement from QualityWatch, a joint research programme from the Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation.

2015: Closer to critical?

Annual Statement

02/11/2015 Ian Blunt | Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Holly Smith (Dorning) | Dr Martin Bardsley | Dr Tazeem Bhatia | Lucia Kossarova | Paul Smith

The third QualityWatch annual statement makes sense of quality across health and social care.

2014: Cause for concern

Annual Statement

10/10/2014 Ian Blunt | Dr Martin Bardsley | Lucia Kossarova | Paul Smith | Holly Smith (Dorning)

The second annual statement from QualityWatch.

2013: Is the quality of care in England getting better?

Annual Statement

13/10/2013 QualityWatch

The QualityWatch Annual Statement 2013 provides an overview of our initial research into the quality of health and social care services in England.