Watch again: Rapid evaluation in health care 2023

Watch the sessions from the 2023 conference below


Start date: 16/05/2023 | 9:00

End date: 16/05/2023 | 16:30

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After two virtual years, the Rapid evaluation conference returned for an in-person event. Organised by the Nuffield Trust and the Improvement Analytics Unit at the Health Foundation, the event took place on Tuesday 16 May 2023 at the Hallam Conference Centre.

This conference brought together those who are representatives from the rapid evaluation community, including analysts, users and commissioners, the conference focused on the vital contribution that rapid evaluation can make to support a system under pressure.

The UK health and social care system is experiencing multiple pressures leading to constraints on services but also new ways of delivering care. Within this context, rapid evaluations are crucial and yet these same pressures are also affecting how they are conducted. This aim of this conference was to bring together those who are interested in rapid evaluation, including analysts, service users, policy makers, commissioners and local decision makers.

View the recorded sessions below.

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