Nuffield Trust responds to NHS Future Forum second phase reports

Responding to the Future Forum’s second phase reports, Nuffield Trust Chief Executive Dr Jennifer Dixon said that the Forum is right to focus on integrating care for patients.

Press release

Published: 10/01/2012

Responding to the Future Forum’s second phase reports, Nuffield Trust Chief Executive Dr Jennifer Dixon, said:

‘The Future Forum is right to focus on integrating care for patients. Our joint report with The King’s Fund last week recommended that this assume the same priority over the next decade as reducing waiting times was given over the last. This is essential if we are going to meet the needs of the ageing population during a period of austerity and transform the way care is provided to people with long-term conditions.

‘Too many patients receive fragmented care resulting in needless ill health, wasted time and avoidable costs. This doesn’t require further structural upheaval, legislative change or substantially more money; rather it is about creating an environment in which integrated care can develop.

'Some of this is about changing the financial incentives for providers in the health and social care system, and using information more intelligently, but more often it is about a change in mindset in the NHS to ‘can do’ and ‘now’.

Our research shows that developing integrated care for patients is hard work, taking time, patience and leadership. But it can be done and now is the opportunity like never before.’