Nuffield Trust: Social care system could fall apart entirely if reform promises aren’t delivered

Natasha Curry responds to the ADASS Budget Survey 2020.

Press release

Published: 18/06/2020

Responding to the ADASS Budget Survey 2020, the Deputy Director of Policy at the Nuffield Trust, Natasha Curry said:

"The figure that only 4% of directors believe they have enough money to meet their statutory duties is truly shocking, a massive drop from 35% last year when the situation was already very bad. This would mean care services restricted to a bare minimum, contributions jacked up for often vulnerable people receiving care, and many providers shutting up shop.

"We must adopt a fair, transparent system that gives people of all ages the care they need and protects them against catastrophic costs. The social care system was already on its knees before the pandemic. If this Government becomes the fourth in a row to fail to deliver on promises of reform, it now seems possible that the system will fall apart entirely."

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