Charlotte Paddison


Charlotte Paddison

Senior Fellow

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Charlotte Paddison joined the Nuffield Trust in 2017. 

Charlotte's work at the Nuffield Trust focuses on improving health and social care.  She is particularly interested models of care for people with complex needs, the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes; optimising the use of medicines; patient and carer experience; and what works (and doesn’t) in quality improvement. 

After completing her PhD in New Zealand, Charlotte worked for eight years in behavioural science, primary care, and public health at the University of Cambridge.  She is a visiting senior researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research.

Charlotte has published across a range of internationally leading journals in medicine and behavioural science and she was awarded the Royal College of General Practitioners Health Services and Public Health Paper of the Year (2016) for her work on the primary care experiences of informal carers.

Charlotte is a Chartered Health Psychologist (UK), and a Governor for an NHS Foundation Trust.

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