Malcolm Alexander

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    Malcolm Alexander

    Former Director of Strategy

    Scottish Executive Remote and Rural Initiative

Dr Malcolm Alexander graduated from Edinburgh University in 1980 with the single thought of becoming a General Practitioner in a rural setting and nothing more. Life had other plans and in time he became Clinical Director and then Medical Director for Orkney Health Board, before working as Director of Strategy for the Scottish Executive Remote and Rural Initiative.

He finished his career working for 11 years as Associate Medical Director for the Scottish National Telephone Triage service, NHS 24, before finally returning to face to face practice as a locum in his local GP practice on one of the Scottish islands. 

His medical interests are widespread and include training in homeopathy, medical hypnosis, pre-hospital care as well as his expertise in clinical algorithm and computer systems development, a field where words  and their use is critical to success. An acute observer of people and places he blends all his training and experience together when working as a GP.

Photo by Michael Boyd.