Research into the UK's health system is one of our core activities and has been since we were founded over 70 years ago. We undertake projects that will provide evidence on key areas of health and social care and which build upon our established areas of expertise.

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The health care workforce in England: make or break?


15/11/2018 Nuffield Trust | The Health Foundation | The King's Fund

In advance of the publication of the NHS long-term plan, we've joined forces with the Health Foundation and The King's Fund to highlight the scale of workforce challenges now facing the health service and the threat this poses to the delivery and quality of care over the next 10 years.

Improving access and continuity in general practice


07/11/2018 William Palmer | Nina Hemmings | Dr Rebecca Rosen | Eilís Keeble | Sally Williams | Candace Imison

The report describes our key findings on the impact of improved access upon continuity of care, and provides a series of recommendations for commissioners and policy-makers.

Care City



We have been commissioned to evaluate Care City, which is a test bed in East London focused on using new technologies to support people with long-term conditions.

Doomed to repeat? Lessons from the history of NHS reform


15/10/2018 Nigel Edwards | Mark Dayan | William Palmer | Helen Buckingham | Dr Rebecca Rosen

NHS leaders are now hard at work on a long-term plan for the health service, due to be published in the coming months. Those who have been involved with health care in England for some time could be forgiven for feeling a sense of déjà vu, as NHS history is littered with similar plans. So what lessons can be learned from these previous plans, and how can we ultimately ensure that this time is a success?

Rethinking acute medical care in smaller hospitals


04/10/2018 Louella Vaughan | Nigel Edwards | Candace Imison | Ben Collins

Smaller hospitals are struggling with workforce shortages, spiralling costs and increasingly complex models of care for acutely ill patients. This major new report outlines a set of radical new approaches for running acute medical services in these institutions and suggests we should avoid assuming that closure is always the answer.

Acute medical care in England: Findings from a survey of smaller acute hospitals


13/09/2018 Candace Imison | Louella Vaughan

This profile of smaller hospitals in England finds trusts struggling to recruit and retain acute medical staff. Services across the country are configured in a wide variety of ways, with little evidence of an 'ideal' model for acute medical care emerging from our research.

Mental health and well-being trends among children and young people in the UK, 1995–2014

Journal article


Analysis of repeated cross-sectional national health surveys on mental health and wellbeing.

Comprehensive geriatric assessment: needs assessment tool


06/09/2018 Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Eilís Keeble | Joshua Kraindler

The Nuffield Trust has developed a tool to help providers and commissioners of care in England assess the needs of frail older people being cared for in hospital.

Rethinking outpatient services: Learning from an interactive workshop


30/08/2018 Sophie Castle-Clarke | Nigel Edwards

Outpatient services in England have experienced a sharp rise in activity, leading to many STPs outlining ambitious plans to reduce activity and cut costs. This briefing, in collaboration with health leaders across the country, reveals opportunities to improve the design of services and challenges if some services should be delivered in their current form.

Improving care for people with MS: the potential of data and technology


10/07/2018 Sophie Castle-Clarke | Natasha Curry | Holly Dorning | Laura Wetherly

An MS Society-commissioned report mapping out what technology is already available for people with MS, what more could be done with what is available and how data and technology could be better exploited in future to improve MS health care.