Devolving policy, diverging values?

This report focuses on the values of the NHS in each of the four nations, and those health care systems within Europe.


Published: 25/01/2008

ISBN: 978-1-905030-29-3

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Both devolution and the increased role of the European Union in health policy pose new challenges to our health care system. What is, and should be, at the ethical and practical core of the health care systems of the UK?

Devolving Policy, Diverging Values? aims to shape the debate about the shared and divergent values of the UK’s national health services. The report contains contributions from leading health policy analysts. It aims to contribute to the debate about how we define the values of our National Health Service in the face of both devolution in the UK and the development of the wider European Union.

Suggested citation

Greer S and Rowland D (2008) Devolving policy, diverging values? Research report. Nuffield Trust.