Human rights, equity and health

This collection of papers discusses issues around health and human rights in a UK and global context.


Published: 01/12/2004

ISBN: 1902089960

Download the report [PDF 262.7KB]

This volume brings together papers presented at the Health Equity Network seminar and links the concepts of health, equity and human rights.

Contributors include:

  • Paula Braveman on how a human rights framework can be used as a tool to enhance health equity
  • Jeanelle de Gruchy on how using the HHR tool can illuminate the rights of people with mental health problems
  • Mike Jones on his experience in Liverpool with children’s participation in public decision-making
  • Eileen O’Keefe and Martha Chinouya on how young black migrant African Londoners affected by HIV/AIDS deal with an HHR framework that is culturally biased.

The programme and attendance list are in the appendices, with copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an abridged version of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, and a list of useful websites on human rights.

Suggested citation

Fox D and Scott-Samuel A (2004) Human rights, equity and health. Research report. Nuffield Trust.