Knowing the People Planning (KPP)

This report tells us how Knowing the People Planning worked when trialed in New Zealand.


Published: 03/05/2006

ISBN: 1-905030-18-5

Download the report [PDF 214.8KB]

David King and Barry Walsh investigate a new, practical approach for assessing health and social care. Knowing the People Planning (KPP) is designed to help providers improve the effectiveness of recovery-based casework.

This report looks at KPP in the mental health sector in New Zealand, specifically focusing on people with long-term needs. After interviewing mental health service users, King and Walsh developed a list of service requirements known as the "Ten Key Features". This basic set of service requirements became the basis for assessment.

Suggested citation

King D and Welsh B (2006) Knowing the People Planning (KPP). Research report. Nuffield Trust.