The first 1,000 days of life

Nuffield Trust submission to the Health Select Committee (September 2018)


Published: 10/10/2018

Download the full submission [PDF 616.9KB]

This submission draws on our own research and responds to the Committee’s inquiry into the first 1,000 days of life.

Developing the evidence base for policy on child health and improving the standing of child health policy is a key strategic priority for the Nuffield Trust. We remain concerned that in important areas, children’s health has not received the attention it deserves and that inequalities are worsening. Over the past two years, our research and policy analysis has sought to shed light on key areas where health services can improve for children and young people. Through our network of clinical fellows and researchers, we have highlighted areas of concern on issues from emergency admissions to international comparisons of child health.

Given the focus of our work, the majority of this submission is primarily of relevance to the first question on priorities for a national strategy.

Suggested citation

Nuffield Trust (2018) The first 1,000 days of life. Parliamentary briefing. Nuffield Trust.