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Social care funding: complex but not impossible

Blog post 02/08/2021Natasha Curry | Laura Schlepper

Debate over social care reform in England continues to focus on funding, with the recent suggestion of a rise in national insurance contributions the latest to seemingly become politically difficult. So is a solution to this thorny issue impossible? Natasha Curry and Laura Schlepper argue that count...

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How to fund social care?

Chart 30/07/2021

What are the different options for funding social care? And will they meet our key tests for success? Use our tool to find out more about the key approaches being proposed – and how they might fare.

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Public perceptions of the NHS in 2020

Blog post 30/07/2021Dan Wellings | John Appleby

The British Social Attitudes survey has provided years of insight into public perceptions of the NHS. In 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the survey asked only one question about health and care issues. Here, Dan Wellings and John Appleby share the data collected.

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