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Transparent processes with a human touch: the essentials of good waiting list management

Blog post 11/05/2021Dr Rebecca Rosen

As record numbers of people wait for planned treatment, managing and prioritising NHS waiting lists will not be easy. Rebecca Rosen describes five ways in which the process can best respond to the emotional and practical needs of patients and staff. There are also a number of ethical issues to consi...

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Special measures for quality: a Q&A on the impact of improvement interventions in NHS trusts

Blog post 21/04/2021Prof Naomi Fulop | Chris Sherlaw-Johnson

For this Q&A we spoke to Naomi Fulop and Chris Sherlaw-Johnson about their work evaluating improvement interventions in NHS trusts who were in special measures for quality. Since their report was published, a new oversight framework has been proposed that will mean significant changes to the current...

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Chart of the week: The work-related stress of NHS staff during Covid-19

Data story 19/04/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, Lucina Rolewicz looks at the most recent NHS staff survey – carried out last September when coronavirus cases were fewer – to compare the experiences of staff who had worked on a w...

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Chart of the week: Real-terms NHS staff pay from 2010 to 2020

Data story 07/04/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. Following recent government proposals to offer a 1% pay rise to most NHS staff following a year unlike almost any other for health professionals, Mark Dayan looks at real-terms pay for different...

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Social Care COVID Recovery & Resilience: Learning from international responses

Project 01/04/2021

We are working with colleagues at the London School of Economics to learn from how social care systems in different countries faced Covid-19, and are beginning to recover.

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Chart of the week: The pandemic costs – how government is providing an additional quarter-trillion funding for Covid-19

Data story 25/03/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, Billy Palmer and John Appleby consider the financial cost of the pandemic by analysing the additional funding the government has spent or put aside for dealing with the pandemic, now a...

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Measuring mortality during Covid-19: a Q&A

Blog post 24/03/2021Sarah Scobie

With a year having passed since the start of the first lockdown, Sarah Scobie answers some key questions on how mortality figures are collected and measured during the Covid-19 pandemic. This explainer was originally published last May, was updated again in October and in January, and has now been u...

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Forget Brexit at your peril: how it will affect the NHS in 2021

Blog post 23/03/2021Mark Dayan | Martha McCarey

Long read: Much has happened since the UK left the single market and customs union at the start of the year, not least another dreadful wave of Covid-19 and the headlines being dominated by the vaccine rollout on either side of the Channel. But with Brexit already having an effect...

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Evidence and science in health policy: Nigel Edwards Q&A

Blog post 09/03/2021Nigel Edwards

The past year has thrust the relationship between evidence and policy-making into the spotlight. With the subject under debate at this year’s Summit series, before the event we asked Nigel Edwards for his views on it. When are health policy-makers most and least likely to listen to the evidence an...

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What do the new legislative proposals mean for the NHS?

Blog post 03/03/2021Nigel Edwards

The recent white paper set out significant changes for the health service, but are there tensions and risks ahead? Nigel Edwards gives the expert view. This blog was originally published in the BMJ on 15 February.

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