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Analytical collaboration for Covid-19

Project 13/05/2020

Nuffield Trust is working in collaboration with the Health Foundation, The King’s Fund, the Strategy Unit and Imperial College Healthcare Partners to provide additional analytical support to the NHS nationally in its overall response to Covid-19.

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Responding to Covid-19: the complexities of the social care provider market

Blog post 12/05/2020Camille Oung | Natasha Curry

The coronavirus crisis has led to a belated focus on social care – highlighting both the sector’s vital role and its struggles. Camille Oung and Natasha Curry look at how the social care provider market has been causing particular difficulties, and how the lessons from Covid-19 can help bring a...

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Chart of the week: Covid-19 kills people in the most deprived areas at double the rate of those in the most affluent

Data story 06/05/2020

Each week, we'll be taking a look at a different aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic, presenting our analysis of the data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, Billy Palmer looks at how deaths from Covid-19 seem to affect the most deprived areas of England disprop...

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Supporting those who deliver social care: what can England learn from the rest of the UK?

Blog post 15/04/2020Camille Oung

Alongside our new explainers today on social care workers and the support available to them, Camille Oung looks at the lessons that England could learn from how the other UK countries have responded to their own social care workforce problems.

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Social care across the four countries of the UK: what can we learn?

Blog post 18/03/2020Camille Oung

As we start a series of explainers describing the social care system in each country of the UK, lead author Camille Oung looks at what social care policy-makers in England can learn from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Reform must come with funding and clarity – and it must secure public sup...

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Summit 2020 snapshot: Dr Pippa Medcalf on how our health systems are failing homeless people

Video 28/02/2020

Dr Pippa Medcalf, RCP Lead Fellow for Health Inequalities and Inclusion Health and Consultant, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, discusses the issue of the health of homeless people, …

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Social care: the action we need

Report 28/11/2019Natasha Curry | Nina Hemmings | Camille Oung | Eilís Keeble

Social care in England is at a crossroads. All three major political parties in the 2019 general election have recognised in their manifestos that the social care system is in need of change. So what needs to be done?

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What can England learn from the long-term care system in Germany?

Report 11/09/2019Natasha Curry | Laura Schlepper | Nina Hemmings

The current social care system in England is widely regarded as unfair, complex, confusing and failing to meet growing care needs in the population. Germany was in a similar situation 24 years ago, but successfully brought about far-reaching reform. As the UK government promises to fix our social ca...

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Shifting responsibilities: who cares?

Blog post 15/08/2019Lucina Rolewicz

Following a recent survey of adult carers in England, Lucina Rolewicz examines what's behind the findings and argues what might help matters in future.

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Outcomes of hospital admissions among frail older people: a 2-year cohort study

Journal article 15/07/2019

Study to determine long-term outcomes of older people discharged from hospital following short (

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