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Chart of the week: Covid-19 kills people in the most deprived areas at double the rate of those in the most affluent

Data story 06/05/2020

Each week, we'll be taking a look at a different aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic, presenting our analysis of the data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, Billy Palmer looks at how deaths from Covid-19 seem to affect the most deprived areas of England disprop...

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How data can shape a safer NHS

Blog post 02/07/2019Sarah Scobie

With the Patient Safety Strategy published today arguing that new technologies have the potential to transform improvements in keeping patients from harm, Sarah Scobie takes a closer look at what the possibilities are.

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Not made to be measured: why evaluating integrated care initiatives is so difficult

Blog post 13/06/2019Eilís Keeble

Knowing which of the growing number of initiatives to join up care in the health service actually work for patients is crucial. Based on her experience with an earlier wave of integration initiatives – the “Pioneers” – Eilís Keeble looks at what needs to be done to make this possible.

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The tipping point: considering the impact of the proposed changes to treatment waiting time targets

Blog post 27/03/2019Jessica Morris

The totemic 18 week target for planned care is facing a radical overhaul. Jessica Morris breaks down what a change would mean for hospitals and patients.

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A 10-year story: visualising patient journeys

Explainer 18/03/2019

A decade ago, we developed an approach to visualising individual patient journeys through charts which have come to be called Theographs. Theo Georghiou explains more about what they are and when they are most useful.

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Evaluating, fast and slow: reflections from the Rapid Evaluation Conference

Blog post 18/02/2019Jean Ledger | Chris Sherlaw-Johnson

Rapid evaluation should not be mistaken for ‘quick and dirty’ research, so what does it mean?

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Advancing rapid evaluation: challenges and opportunities

Conference/seminar 29/01/2019 • 09.15–16.30Charles Tallack | Fraser Battye | Jo Ellins | Dr Adam Steventon | Professor Judith Smith | Dr. Ron Agble

The Nuffield Trust in collaboration with three national Rapid Evaluation Centres – RSET, BRACE and the Improvement Analytics Unit - held an event to explore the growing use of rapid evaluation in the health service as a mechanism to drive improvement.

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Can the Long Term Plan really save half a million lives?

Blog post 25/01/2019Billy Palmer

Following the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan, Billy Palmer shares some thoughts on the challenges in achieving its headline grabbing figures for saving lives.

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Comprehensive geriatric assessment: needs assessment tool

Research 06/09/2018Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Eilís Keeble | Joshua Kraindler

The Nuffield Trust has developed a tool to help providers and commissioners of care in England assess the needs of frail older people being cared for in hospital.

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Trusted measures: analytical resources for integrated care

Toolkit/how-to 24/07/2018

Are you looking for examples of indicators for integrated care, or how to use predictive models? Here we signpost you to analytical approaches that we have developed at the Nuffield Trust, explaining how they could be used by integrated care systems. We also run through the challenges and opportunit...

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