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Analytical collaboration for Covid-19

Announcement 13/05/2020

We're working with the Health Foundation, The King’s Fund, the Strategy Unit and Imperial College Healthcare Partners to provide additional analytical support to the NHS nationally in its overall response to Covid-19.

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What does the provider market look like across the four countries?

Blog post 11/05/2020Camille Oung | Laura Schlepper | Natasha Curry

This explainer looks at the organisations of various kinds that run residential and nursing care homes and services for adults across the four countries of the UK - many of which are struggling to continue in adverse circumstances.

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Chart of the week: Covid-19 kills people in the most deprived areas at double the rate of those in the most affluent

Data story 06/05/2020

Each week, we'll be taking a look at a different aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic, presenting our analysis of the data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. This week, Billy Palmer looks at how deaths from Covid-19 seem to affect the most deprived areas of England disprop...

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What does the social care workforce look like across the four countries?

Blog post 15/04/2020Camille Oung | Laura Schlepper | Natasha Curry

This explainer describes the social care workforce in each UK country including recruitment, registration and regulation.

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The Nuffield Trust Summit 2020


Our 12th annual Summit is now complete. Catch up on video highlights and interviews with some of the speakers here.

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Sir Simon Stevens at Summit 2020: In conversation with Mark Dayan

Video 27/02/2020

Sir Simon Stevens receives questions on the success of the Five Year Forward View, reducing inequalities and the coronavirus by Nuffield Trust Policy Analyst and Head of Public Affairs Mark Dayan, …

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Matt Hancock at Summit 2020: The government's vision for health and social care

Video 27/02/2020

Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP appears at the Nuffield Trust Summit to discuss his vision for the government's approach to health and social care in the coming years, covering the workforce, technology, and …

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More, more, more: Do election pledges on the NHS workforce stack up?

Blog post 05/12/2019Fiona Johnson

Ahead of next week's general election, all the main party manifestos have vowed to increase staffing numbers in the NHS. But how realistic are those promises? Fiona Johnson takes a closer look.

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One in four hospital staff born outside the UK, new Nuffield Trust analysis reveals

Press release 04/12/2019

New figures reveal the true effect immigration has had on the expansion of the health and care workforce over the last 20 years.

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Stopping the staff we need? Migration choices in the 2019 general election

Report 04/12/2019Mark Dayan | Billy Palmer

Both Labour and the Conservatives have recognised the vital importance in this election of solving the staffing crisis that threatens the NHS and social care. But policies to end the current system of free movement from Europe after Brexit could cause a major slowdown in migration towards vital jobs...

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