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Summit 2023


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Pulling teeth: why have successive governments failed dentistry?

Blog post 12/08/2022Nigel Edwards

After a BBC investigation this week reported that nine in 10 NHS dental practices across the UK are not accepting new adult patients for treatment under the health service, Nigel Edwards describes some of the problems in the sector and how they could provide a warning for the unfolding crisis in GP...

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NHS staffing tracker

Resource 11/08/2022

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Chart of the week: Varied progress being made on NHS staffing targets

Data story 11/08/2022

The remaining candidates to become the new leader of the Conservatives have said that they want to deliver on the party’s 2019 manifesto ambitions, which included various staffing targets for the NHS. But what progress is being made on those? Lucina Rolewicz takes a closer look.

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NHS Performance Summary: June-July 2022

Latest data 11/08/2022Jessica Morris

Our monthly round-up of the latest NHS performance data.

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Mountain to clear NHS waiting list keeps getting bigger

Press release 11/08/2022Nuffield Trust

Jessica Morris responds to the latest NHS performance statistics.

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Patient-initiated follow-up: will it free up capacity in outpatient care?

Report 04/08/2022Sarah Reed | Nadia Crellin

With the number of outpatient hospital appointments in England recently as high as 125 million per year and a huge elective care backlog following the Covid-19 pandemic, patient-initiated follow-up on outpatient appointments has been touted as a potential solution in appropriate cases. But can it fr...

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