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Building communities with resilient children at their hearts

Blog post 05/06/2017Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green

In this comment piece, Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green argues that the UK now needs a long-term, coherent, cross-party ideology and overarching policies that see children and young people as a vital priority and as citizens in their own right.

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How can we improve access to children’s mental health services?

Blog post 05/12/2016Lucia Kossarova

Lucia Kossarova examines what can be done to address the worrying barriers to mental health services for children and young people.

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Tim Horsburgh and Steve Cropper: Partners in Paediatrics

Presentation 15/09/2016

Tim Horsburgh, Lead Clinician, PiP and Children’s Lead Commissioner, Dudley CCG/MCP and Steve Cropper, Academic Advisor, PiP and Keele University talk about innovation in children’s services. They …

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Is reducing childhood obesity still a slim prospect?

Blog post 09/09/2016Nora Cooke O'Dowd

The Government's Childhood Obesity Strategy, published last month, was widely criticised for not going far enough to address what is considered by many to be a major public health crisis. Nora Cooke O'Dowd examines the measures outlined in the proposal, and offers her verdict.

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It’s broken, and it needs fixing: new models of care for children

Blog post 12/02/2016Lucia Kossarova

Lucia Kossarova unpacks the findings of our new research and argues that it is time for new models of care to turn their attention to children and young people.

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The future of child health services: new models of care

Report 08/02/2016Lucia Kossarova | Delan Devakumar | Nigel Edwards

This report highlights what the problems are in current health care services for children and young people, and investigates how emerging new models of care could provide an opportunity to address these.

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Children’s health and the importance of the ordinary

Blog post 08/02/2016Dr Ingrid Wolfe

As part of the launch of our new report on children's health services, Dr Ingrid Wolfe, Children and Young People’s Health Partnership, outlines why we must ensure that children and young people do not miss out on the opportunities posed by new models of care.

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New models in children's health: inspiring positive change

Blog post 08/02/2016Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones, NHS England, outlines why our new report report provide encouraging opportunities to learn from emerging models across all specialties.

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2015: Closer to critical?

Annual statement 02/11/2015Ian Blunt | Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Holly Smith (Dorning) | Dr Martin Bardsley | Dr Tazeem Bhatia | Lucia Kossarova | Paul Smith

The third QualityWatch annual statement makes sense of quality across health and social care.

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New models of care: opportunities to get it right for children

Blog post 21/09/2015Bob Klaber

Time and again children are missed off the national health policy agenda. So, in this blog recapping a recent event held by the Nuffield Trust, Bob Klaber asks: how do we transform the paediatric workforce around the needs of children?

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