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New models for delivering health care services in the Five Year Forward View – what about the children?

Conference/seminar 15/09/2015 • 09.00–17.00Bob Klaber | Dr Ingrid Wolfe

In the context of the Five Year Forward View and emerging new models of care, the Nuffield Trust held an interactive workshop to better understand the drivers for delivering child health services differently, their potential impact on the quality of care delivered and their transferability around th...

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Bob Klaber and Mando Watson: Child health general practice hubs

Presentation 15/09/2015

Bob Klaber and Mando Watson from the Connecting for Care initiative present about their Child health general practice hubs.

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Elizabeth Stephenson and Carol Ewing: child health policy update

Presentation 15/09/2015

Elizabeth Stephenson, Children and Young People Policy Lead at NHS England, and Dr Carol Ewing, Vice President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, give an overview of the national …

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Gill Harries: Child health care closer to home

Presentation 15/09/2015

Gill Harries, General Manager Childrens Services CHFT, and Dil Ashraf GP, Great Huddersfield CCG Childrens Lead present on child health care closer to home on behalf of the C3 project team.

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Hilary Cass: Transforming the workforce for new models of child health care

Presentation 15/09/2015

Hilary Cass, from Health Education England, presents on transforming the workforce for new models of child health care.

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Children’s health: seen but not heard?

Blog post 23/04/2015Lucia Kossarova

Is the data on children's health really being heard? Lucia Kossarova looks at the facts.

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Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Video 25/03/2015

Carol Platt and Joanne Minford, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust from  Nuffield Trust  on  Vimeo . Ruth Thorlby, Nuffield Trust, interviews Carol Platt and Joanne Minford from Alder Hey …

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The health of our children, the health of the NHS

Blog post 29/01/2015Claire Currie | Dr Alisha Davies

Claire Currie and Alisha Davies put forward the case for state intervention in the often ignored issue of children's health.

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Changing youth in a changing society: Patterns of adolescent development and disorder

Report 01/07/1980Michael Rutter

Review of social and psychological research on adolescence in the United States and Britain.

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Bridging in health: Reports of studies on health services for children

Report 01/04/1975Nuffield Trust

Five papers on health services for children.

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