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How has Covid-19 changed the evaluation landscape?

Blog post 25/01/2021Nadia Crellin | John Appleby

The coronavirus has brought significant and speedy changes to how health care services are delivered. That has further highlighted the need for rapid evaluations, with evaluators under pressure to produce timely findings to support decisions. Ahead of this week’s rapid evaluation in health care co...

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Five traps to avoid in a new round of NHS legislation

Blog post 18/01/2021Mark Dayan | Helen Buckingham | Natasha Curry | Sarah Reed | Nigel Edwards | Dr Elizabeth Fisher | Camille Oung

Long read: With proposals having been made for a significant legislative overhaul of the English health service, in this long read we look at both history and current trends to highlight the traps that need to be avoided if any reforms are to be successful.

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To solitude: Learning from other countries on how to improve compliance with self-isolation

Blog post 12/01/2021Sarah Reed | Billy Palmer

Long read: The Covid-19 vaccination campaign brings much hope, but it’s clear that for the foreseeable future we also very much need to control transmission. One key way to do so is effective self-isolation, but data suggests that adherence in the UK with self-isolation rules is l...

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What should we expect for medical supplies in 2021?

Blog post 30/12/2020Martha McCarey

Martha McCarey follows on from our recent report on the impact of Brexit on health in the UK by assessing what we should now look out for on medical products. This blog was originally published on 30 December, and has been updated to reflect that the UK has now left the EU single market.

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What should shape the expansion of multi-professional teamwork in general practice?

Blog post 23/12/2020Dr Rebecca Rosen | Professor Martin Marshall

While teamwork in general practice between different medical professionals has been the norm for many years, there are questions on how everyone can best work together. A blog from Rebecca Rosen and Professor Martin Marshall highlights the key issues for consideration to shape a growth in teamwork.

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Addressing the practical challenges of multidisciplinary teamwork in primary care

Blog post 23/12/2020Dr Simona Baracaia

Alongside our blog on the issues to consider while expanding multi-professional teamwork in general practice, public health registrar Dr Simona Baracaia examines the practical challenges of introducing different roles into primary care.

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Friday FAQs: Malcolm Alexander

Blog post 11/12/2020Malcolm Alexander

For this edition of Friday FAQs, we spoke to Dr Malcolm Alexander about the challenges of rural health care. He is a recently retired GP who now lives on the island of Bute in Scotland. His recent book, "Close to Where the Heart Gives Out: A Year in the Life of an Orkney Doctor", describes his previ...

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How many cases of Covid-19 are there? A Q&A

Blog post 09/12/2020Sarah Scobie

After England’s month-long lockdown in November, Sarah Scobie answers important questions on the numbers of Covid-19 cases. She analyses how the numbers in the second wave so far compare with the first wave from earlier this year, and what the impact on health services might be. This Q&A was origi...

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Brexit and the coronavirus vaccine

Blog post 09/12/2020Mark Dayan

How will Brexit affect the development, supply and rollout of Covid-19 vaccines? With the end of the transition period fast approaching, Mark Dayan looks at what leaving the Single Market means for every stage in the lifecycle of vaccines, from laboratory test tube to syringe in a GP’s hand. This...

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How are different countries balancing care during the latest Covid wave?

Blog post 07/12/2020Sarah Reed

Long read: Earlier this year, Sarah Reed assessed how different countries were trying to resume health services following the first wave of Covid-19. In this long read, she looks at how different health systems are coping with the dual challenge of winter and another wave of the cor...

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