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Benefits of integration of health and social care services across UK countries continues to be over-estimated

Press release 14/12/2021

A new Nuffield Trust report finds that despite long-standing goals, there is limited evidence that the different policies to integrate health and social care services within the UK’s four countries have made a difference to patients, or to how well services are integrated.

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Challenges in discharging patients creating severe bottlenecks in hospital care

Press release 09/12/2021Nuffield Trust

Sarah Scobie responds to new data on hospital discharges published today with the latest NHS performance statistics.

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Invisible crisis in home care unfolding as social care sector loses up to 50,000 staff in lead up to winter months

Press release 01/12/2021

Our analysis reveals that the social care sector in England may have lost up to 50,000 workers across all providers of care, heaping pressure onto burnt out existing staff and restricting access to care in the leadup to a very challenging winter.

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Nuffield Trust: NHS will have to work harder than ever to clear momentous care backlog

Press release 01/12/2021

John Appleby responds to the National Audit Office report on NHS backlogs and waiting times in England.

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Social care white paper an important step but must be financially backed to pull care sector back from the brink

Press release 01/12/2021Nuffield Trust

Natasha Curry responds to the government's white paper for social care reform.

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Nuffield Trust: Lessons from European health systems can help strengthen NHS digital ambitions post-pandemic

Press release 24/11/2021

New research by Rachel Hutchings reviews the approaches to digital health care from five European health systems which have made significant progress.

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Nuffield Trust: Significant tweak to social care proposals will leave fewer protected from catastrophic costs

Press release 22/11/2021

Natasha Curry's comments ahead of a vote on an amendment to the Care Act 2014.

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Health and care system stretched beyond its limits as winter approaches

Press release 11/11/2021Nuffield Trust

Sarah Scobie responds to the NHS monthly performance stats from NHS England and NHS Improvement.

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Nuffield Trust: Sustained rise in deaths at home could be significant shift in demand for health care

Press release 10/11/2021

Sarah Scobie responds to Deaths registered in private homes, England and Wales: 2020 final and January to June 2021, provisional from the Office of National Statistics.

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NHS does not have the fundamentals in place to tackle discrimination, report warns

Press release 08/11/2021

Despite considerable effort and countless initiatives, inequality between NHS staff groups is persisting or even getting worse.

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