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Stillbirths and neonatal and infant mortality

Indicator 29/07/2021

We explore how stillbirths and infant and neonatal mortality have changed over time, and how the UK compares to other countries.

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Children and young people with an eating disorder waiting times

Indicator 29/07/2021

We explore how long children and young people with an eating disorder wait to start treatment.

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Access to antenatal services

Indicator 29/07/2021

We explore when women first access antenatal services as well as experiences of antenatal care.

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Emergency admissions for children with chronic conditions

Indicator 29/07/2021

We explore the quality of primary and community care for children and young people with a chronic condition.

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Will the third Covid-19 wave overwhelm the NHS?

Blog post 26/07/2021Sarah Scobie

Covid-19 restrictions in England may now have been lifted, but it is very clear that the pandemic is not yet over. The numbers of people admitted to hospital have been increasing in recent weeks, as have deaths from the virus. This explainer from Sarah Scobie looks at what the third wave might mean...

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Chart of the week: Are hospitals returning to pre-Covid activity levels?

Data story 22/07/2021

Each week we present analysis of data in chart form to illustrate some key issues and invite discussion. The latest guidance states that hospitals should aim to deliver at least 95% of the services they delivered before the pandemic, measured against the value of services delivered in the same month...

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Will the new Health and Care Bill privatise the NHS?

Blog post 15/07/2021Mark Dayan | Helen Buckingham

MPs this week have been debating the new Health and Care Bill, with some expressing concerns that it could lead to ‘privatising’ the NHS. Mark Dayan and Helen Buckingham take a closer look at this contentious issue, and argue that a major piece of legislation might avoid much-needed scrutiny due...

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Second Reading of the Health and Care Bill

Briefing 14/07/2021

The 2021-22 Health and Care Bill is the biggest legislative overhaul of the NHS presented to the House of Commons for a decade. This briefing presents the key points and issues on which we believe MPs should provide scrutiny.

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Capping the costs: what are the lessons from the German social care system?

Blog post 12/07/2021Laura Schlepper

With a possible cap on costs taking centre stage in the debate over England's social care reforms, Laura Schlepper outlines the social care cap currently in place in Germany. What can we learn from the German funding system and the decisions which led to it?

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Nuffield Trust: NHS firefighting on multiple fronts as Delta hospitalisations grow

Press release 08/07/2021

Nigel Edwards responds to the latest monthly NHS performance statistics and the GP Patient Survey for 2021.

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