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Bringing evidence and facts to the election debate

Blog post 08/11/2019Mark Dayan

With general election campaigning now underway, Mark Dayan describes how the Nuffield Trust will bring evidence, facts and our extensive knowledge of health policy and research to the fore in coming weeks.

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Primary care networks: A pre-mortem to identify potential risks

Briefing 08/11/2019

Primary care networks were introduced in early 2019 with the intention that they would stabilise general practice and act as the bedrock of integrated care systems. However, there is a lack of clarity over how broad national ambitions can be realised locally. What pitfalls face primary care networks...

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NHS and social care: Facts and figures for the 2019 general election

Presentation 07/11/2019

Download the full slidepack:

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Local lessons: what can we learn from Tameside and Glossop?

Blog post 01/11/2019Nigel Edwards

Nigel Edwards reflects on a visit to Tameside and Glossop CCG, which has recently improved its performance in a number of areas. He argues that three things in particular struck him about how they do things – and that we should be wary of thinking such models can be simply copied elsewhere.

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Unclear whether new targets are an improvement: Nuffield Trust response to access report

Press release 31/10/2019

It is too early to tell whether these new targets might be an improvement.

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Dying at home

Indicator 29/10/2019

This analysis explores how the proportion of people who die at their usual place of residence has changed over time.

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Emergency readmissions

Indicator 29/10/2019

This indicator looks at patients who are readmitted to hospital in an emergency within 30 days of discharge.

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Delayed transfers of care

Indicator 29/10/2019

We look at delayed transfers of care for patients following NHS treatment.

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Older people

Indicator update 29/10/2019

In our latest indicator update we look at trends in the quality of care for older people.

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Injuries due to falls

Indicator 29/10/2019

This analysis explores the percentage of hip fractures that were the result of an inpatient fall, and how prompt hip fracture surgery is.

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