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Will Scotland stop the squeeze on pay again?

Blog post 23/07/2015Professor James Buchan PhD, DPM

Professor James Buchan, Adjunct Professor, at the WHO Collaborating Centre, ponders whether Scotland can continue to defy Westminster by protecting staff pay increments in the Scottish NHS.

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Time for tough decisions: Northern Ireland’s great health challenge

Blog post 23/06/2015Nuffield Trust

Hugh McCaughey, Chief Executive of the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland blogs about the great health challenges facing the country, and examines the options.

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Health spending across the UK nations: Who decides how much?

Briefing 10/04/2015

What is the truth about where decisions in funding are taken, and what difference could the election make? Mark Dayan looks at the facts.

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Fact or Fiction? The Welsh NHS performs poorly compared to the English NHS

Blog post 05/02/2015Nigel Edwards

The Labour-led NHS in Wales is a common and contentious subject between politicians in Westminster and Cardiff Bay. But does the Welsh NHS really perform poorly?

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The challenge of change in the NHS in Wales

Briefing 30/01/2015

Nigel Edwards examines the performance of the Labour-led Welsh NHS, how it compares to the English system, and why the political blame game does little to help patients.

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A borderline debate

Blog post 24/11/2014Ian Blunt

Reports that Welsh residents were crossing borders to use English health services unfolded into a spat between the Daily Mail and the Welsh Government. Ian Blunt looks at the evidence.

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The £billion question: funding the Welsh NHS for the future

Blog post 17/06/2014Alison Ward

If the next two years look tough for NHS Wales finances, the long-term could be dire – and not just for the health service.

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How does Wales compare?

Conference/seminar 07/05/2014 • 09.00–17.30Professor Gwyn Bevan

These free workshop explored the funding and performance of health care systems in the four UK countries.

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Nuffield Trust statement on NHS Scotland figures included in study of UK health performance

Press release 21/01/2010

The Nuffield Trust has now received official confirmation from the Office for National Statistics that an official figure obtained from the ONS and used in a January 2010 report was incorrect.

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Funding and performance of healthcare systems in the four countries of the UK before and after devolution

Report 20/01/2010Professor Gwyn Bevan | Professor Nicholas Mays | Sheelah Connolly

This report undertakes a completely new comparison of NHS performance in the English regions and the devolved countries of the UK.

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