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Viewpoint: Reconsidering accountability in an age of integrated care

Book 14/07/2015Ben Jupp

This paper examines the future of governance and accountability in the NHS and social care amid the rise of new provider models.

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The elephant in the room: does the accountability of the health and care system need to change?

Conference/seminar 25/03/2015 • 08.30–10.30Ben Jupp

This breakfast seminar considered some of the pressures for change in the health and social care accountability system over the Parliament.

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Who shall we hold to account?

Blog post 30/10/2013Andy McKeon

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Principles and paradoxes in healthcare: a challenge to professionalism?

Report 27/03/2007Dame Deirdre Hine

This report examines the concepts of trust and accountability in the context of the modern NHS.

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The politics of scrutiny: reconfiguration in NHS England

Briefing 20/02/2007

We know that accountability is important, but what mechanisms are already in place to scrutinise the NHS?

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