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Further studies in hospital and community

Book 01/01/1962M McKenzie | R D Weir | T M Richardson | A Mair | R W F Harnett | A P Curran | T Ferguson

This book describes studies made to find out how patients fared after leaving hospital.

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Casualty services and their setting: A study in medical care

Report 01/01/1960Nuffield Trust

This report discovers whether criticisms of casualty services are justified.

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The demand for medical care

Report 01/01/1960Gordon Forsyth | Robert F L Logan

Findings about the demand of medical care in health care services.

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Studies of sterile supply arrangements for hospitals: Present sterilizing practice in six hospitals

Report 01/01/1958Nuffield Trust

Findings on sterilising arrangements in six different hospitals.

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The planning and organisation of central syringe services

Report 01/01/1957Nuffield Trust

Report on Central Syringe Services.

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Studies in the functions and design of hospitals

Report 01/01/1955Nuffield Trust

Investigation into the functions and design of hospitals.

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Hospital and community

Book 01/01/1954A N MacPhail | T Ferguson

This book reports a study of over 700 male patients treated in the medical wards of four Scottish hospitals.

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Report of an experiment in hospital costing

Report 01/10/1952Nuffield Trust

Report of an experiment in hospital costing.

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Hospital and community: Hospital-treated sickness amongst the people of Ayrshire

Report 04/10/1950Nuffield Trust

Report exploring the findings of a survey on hospital-treated sickness amongst the people of Ayrshire.

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