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Funding settlement a big step forward but PM's world-class NHS difficult to achieve

Press release 17/06/2018

Nigel Edwards comments on the multi-year funding settlement announced by the Prime Minister.

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How much has the NHS saved by holding down pay?

Blog post 12/12/2017Mark Dayan

With it often asked how much have recent restrictions to NHS staff pay contributed to total savings, Mark Dayan explores further and puts a figure on it.

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Provider chains: lessons from other sectors

Report 05/12/2014Helen Crump | Nigel Edwards

Review of NHS providers' potential to develop different organisational forms

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More NHS charges? Lessons from history

Blog post 08/08/2014Geoffrey Rivett

Providing a high-quality, accessible service from a tightly-held public purse is not a new dilemma for the NHS, says Geoffrey Rivett.

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The ‘wicked’ problem of access: is the telephone a solution?

Blog post 06/08/2014Dr Rebecca Rosen

Many patients love these triage services, but the system is not without challenges, says Rebecca Rosen.

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A good idea? Wait and see

Blog post 04/08/2014Holly Smith (Dorning)

We need to prepare a long term solution not a short term fix for NHS waiting times, says Holly Dorning.

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The Better Care Fund: no easy way out

Blog post 16/07/2014Mark Dayan

Mark Dayan examines the issues with the Better Care Fund's performance pot.

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Only half the picture: understanding the impact of the social care squeeze

Blog post 11/07/2014Ruth Thorlby

Ruth Thorlby explores the link between the strained social care system and its impact on the NHS.

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Financial Crystal Ball Gazing

Blog post 10/07/2014Andy McKeon

The NHS’ financial position is shaky and deteriorating fast. Can trusts make the savings? Not on past performance, says Andy McKeon.

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Into the Red? The State of the NHS' Finances

Report 10/07/2014Andy McKeon | Anita Charlesworth | Sandeepa Arora | Sarah Lafond

This report shows that the NHS’ finances are starting to come under severe financial pressure.

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