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How will our future relationship with the EU shape the NHS?

Report 07/11/2017Mark Dayan

What effect will the Brexit negotiations have on the way the NHS operates in future? This briefing looks at five key areas where the agreements that are made with the European Union will shape health and social care over the coming decades.

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How to make Monitor the ‘people’s champion’

Blog post 24/03/2014Matthew Bell

Monitor will have taken a significant step forward if there is widespread agreement about its purpose and it is trusted to carry that out.

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Openness should be in the DNA of every hospital

Blog post 06/02/2014Robert Francis QC

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Hard truths or home truths?

Blog post 28/11/2013Professor Judith Smith

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Ratings in acute hospitals

Conference/seminar 04/11/2013 • 18.00–20.00Professor Sir Mike Richards

This roundtable event held jointly by the Nuffield Trust and the Care Quality Commission looked at ratings in acute hospitals.

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A new start for the Care Quality Commission?

Blog post 12/08/2013Emma Churchill

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Competition for care: understanding the changing NHS market and the role of independent care providers

Conference/seminar 20/05/2013 • 10.00–17.00

This event, organised jointly by the Nuffield Trust and the Institute for Fiscal Studies was a conference on competition and choice in health care.

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