Dr Simona Baracaia

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    Dr Simona Baracaia

    Public Health Registrar

    Nuffield Trust

Simona is a Public Health Registrar with an interest in healthcare public health. Earlier this year she undertook a placement at the Nuffield Trust working with Rebecca Rosen on multi-professional team working in primary care.

Simona entered Public Health training after undertaking a graduate-entry medical degree at the University of Oxford. She has worked in a number of NHS settings, including as a junior anaesthetist. Since entering Public Health she has undertaken academic placements at the Clinical Effectiveness Unit at the Royal College of Surgeons and LSHTM; and at the Department of Applied Health Research, University College London, utilising large datasets to explore healthcare usage. Other placements include NHSE London’s Screening and Immunisations team, Barts Health NHS Trust, and Public Health England.

Simona also holds a Masters in Public Health (distinction) from Kings College, London and a first class BSc (Hons) Psychology from the University of Sussex.